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The passwords have been removed from this page. Please get this information from your instructor. Additional assistance available in the Help Desk (

Digital Microscopy Solution – Leica BioSystems


In your course you will be utilizing a remotely hosted solution from Leica Biosystems to view digital microscopy slides. Depending on your personal computing device, browser, and the environment through which you are accessing the web site (wired/wireless), you may have a range of different experiences using the tool. This note is designed to provide you with the basic information you need to get started.

Desktop or Laptop

Use Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari 
Each browser may behave a little differently from the other. If you have not installed the ImageScope software on your computer and the WebScope plugin is not working then you will get a .sis file download that will look like this image (lower left corner – DigitalSlides(2).sis. This is not the behavior you are looking for. If the ImageScope software were properly installed it would launch and you would be able to manipulate the slide via the digital microscope features.

PC Use via browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox) – Download and install ImageScope software from this location.
Direct link to ImageScope 12.2 Installer & User Manual:
URL to the site:

There is a single login account for all students.
Username: *******
Password: ********

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Issues Experienced


  • Log In 'Log Jams' - First semester we did experience laggy behavior when an entire class of students is trying to login at the same time. We have been informed by the vendor that this should no longer be a problem but we will not know this to be true until we see how it works for you.
  • Slow Painting of Images – We have also observed the images are slow to paint when navigating but the behavior varies by device, whether you are wired or wireless, etc.
  • Utilize the 'Jump To Map' - When moving large expanses in a slide utilize the small icon in the top right to position yourself rather than trying to drag across the expanse of the slide. The system will have less repainting burden if you use this approach.

We will be implementing this solution for use on site rather than the remote hosting method to improve your experience and provide flexibility for the instructors. This grant funding was acquired at the end of December (too late for January semester start).





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