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Room Overview

This room has as part of the AV system :


  • A Windows 7 desktop computer
  • VGA + Audio input for a laptop
  • HDMI input for laptop or other device
  • Microscope


  • Projector
  • Wall TVs: 4 Televisions all displaying the same content.

Step-by-step guide

Graphic of Touchpad

Starting Up

  1. Touch screen once to start system. If screen is dark, it may take one touch to wake screen then another to start system.
  2. Touch the button corresponding to the device you want to use.
  3. The projector will turn on and the signal will be sent to the projector and TVs.
  4. Volume is controlled by touching the + and - on the bottom of the touch panel.


Concerning Televisions


The TVs will NOT turn on automatically. There is a small button located on the bottom right rear of the television that can be pushed once to turn each TV on. A remote control may be borrowed from the Pathology office.

Shutting Down

  1. Touch the Power button on the lower left corner of the touch panel.
  2. Press Confirm that you are ready to shut down the system.
  3. The projector will turn off automatically, but the TVs will need to be shut off manually or by remote control.

Advanced Routing

It is possible to send one source to the Wall TVs and another to the Projector.

  1. In the lower left of each source button on the touch panel there is a small icon that looks like two screens overlapping.
  2. If you touch that button on your source, you will get a choice of Projector and Wall TVs. Pressing this will send your source to that destination.
  3. Repeat if needed for another source.
  4. Touching the large button will send that source to all destinations.