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Connecting to VetView

Link to VetView

VetView can be accessed via a web browser. The link is:

Installing UGA VPN

In order to connect to VetView from off-campus, you must connect to the UGA VPN along with the ArchPass Duo application.

Complete instructions are available here:

After you are connected, you can access VetView as if you are on campus.

Using VetView

Instructions for medical records in VetView

  1. Go to the website
  2. Login using your myid and myid password – this is your regular UGA login and password.
  3. Identify the case you are looking for by looking on the home page in the box on the left hand side of the page labeled My Open Episodes.
  4. For practice your first case should be Susie
  5. Click on the Case number for Susie

  1. This should bring up a screen titled Visit Information
  2. When you place your mouse in the Visit date area it turns gray.
  3. Then notice the small Icons to the far right appear. Their functions are labeled on the screen shot below.

How to add a History document

  1. Click on the add Document icon.

  1. On new window, scroll down and click on "History." It turns Blue. Then click on "Add document. "

  1. Start typing your history.

  1. Click on the grayed out check mark when done.

How to Add a physical

  1. Place your mouse in the Visit Date area again
  2. Select Add document Icon again

  1. When the document search window pops up, this time select Physical, then click Add document

  1. Enter the Physical info in the appropriate fields.

  1. Click on the grayed out check marks when done.

How to Add SOAPs 

  1. Place you mouse in the Visit Date area again.
  2. Click on "Add Problem Icon

  1. Start typing a problem in the text box.
  2. Click on save when done.

  1. Place your mouse on the Day or the Problem.
  2. Select S O A or P which ever is appropriate.

  1. This example user selected S on the Day.
  2. Remember to save when done.

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