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If connecting from off campus, please remember to attach to the campus Virtual Private Network (VPN) by using your web browser and going to

After you have connected there using your MyID and password, follow these instructions:

Windows Instructions

  1. Click "Start" then "Run" on Windows XP machines. On Windows 7 computers, just click inside the "search programs and files" box right about the "Start" button. 
  2. Inside the text box, type "mstsc" without the quotes and then hit ENTER. 
  3. Once the "Remote Desktop Connection" window comes up, type "" without the quotes in the text box labeled "Computer:" 
  4. Click "Connect" and then select "Use another account" when the Windows Security box comes up. 
  5. For the "User name", enter "MYID\yourMyID" substituting your MyID username for "yourMyID" and then enter your MyID password in the box below it. 
  6. Hit ENTER. This should bring up the Windows desktop on the remote computer. At this point you should see a UVIS icon on the desktop ready for you to use. 
  7. Please make sure to log out of the remote Windows desktop (which will close your remote session) and to not save any data on that remote computer. 

Mac Instructions

  1. If Remote Desktop Connection is already installed, skip to Step 12
  2. Using a web browser, go to 
  3. Select "Downloads" and then choose "Download Center" 
  4. In the search box at the top of the page, type in "remote desktop mac" 
  5. Select Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 2.1.1 
  6. Click "Download" and click "Save File" 
  7. After it is downloaded, double click the file then double click the RDC Installer. 
  8. Click "Continue", then "Continue", then "Agree", then "Continue" again and finally "Install". 
  9. Enter your Apple username and password to allow the install 
  10. Click "Close" 
  11. You should end up with a new icon in your Menu Bar or on your desktop called Remote Desktop Connection 
  12. Open Remote Desktop Connection and in the Computer: field put in the address, click "Connect" 
  13. Enter your MyID credentials and for the Domain: put 
  14. If you get the error "The server name on the certificate is incorrect" click "Connect" anyway. 
  15. You should then be connected to the UVIS-GATEWAY Windows computer and be able to use UVIS from the shortcut on the desktop.