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A selection of material that will aid in your use of the Digital Microscopy Slide Viewing solution, eSlideManager (eSM).

Access the repository using your UGA MyID and password via the URL



Leica eSlideManager (eSM) -  The digital slide repository

WebScope - A browser based digital microscope that renders images you click while in the browser.

ImageScope - Free full featured software client based digital microscope application that you requires download and installation on PC platforms.

Leica ePathViewer - Available in the Apple App Store for free for iPads and iPhones


Leica Digital Slide System (

The Leica digital slide system houses instructional microscopy slides.  The advantages it provides over traditional glass slides include making it possible for students to access study material on demand.  This breaks the access constraint of a physical microscope and a physical slide set.  While the particular software that we use is flexible it does create some challenges for the student related to your computing platform and device you may be using to access the system.  Use case behavior and setups vary by browser and device. Below is a list that attempts to provide a brief outline of most compatibilities and use case scenarios.  In all cases, you will use your UGA MyID and password to access the system unless otherwise instructed.  The URL used via browser access and during setup of other access methods like iPhone/iPad Apps, etc is  You should not require prior login through the campus VPN to access the system.  In some cases, you will be using WebScope which manages the ‘digital microscope’ within the browser and in other cases you may choose to use ImageScope, which is a separate piece of free software you may need to download and install on your laptop (PC ONLY, will not work on MAC).  Be aware that we have not thoroughly tested Windows 10.  Additionally, there are many features associated with ImageScope that you will not use as a part of your curriculum. 


Method of Access


Standard Windows PC or Laptop (W7,W8)

Internet Explorer (IE)


Internet Explorer seems to work most seamlessly when trying to view slide images in eSlideManager. Simply click on the image you desire and WebScope will render that image in a separate tab in your browser session. Assuming you have downloaded and installed ImageScope software on your computer, once WebScope launches you can click the ImageScope hyperlink in the upper right section of the WebScope frame ti initiate the ImageScope application. There will be situations where the quality of the images and the detail required to identify structures will require the use of ImageScope.



To view an e-slide image in FireFox, click on the image WHILE HOLDING DOWN the 'W' key on your keyboard. This will launch WebScope and open the image. Alternatively, if you have the ImageScope software installed on your computer and do not hold the 'W' key down when clicking on the image, the browser will prompt you and ask if you want to launch the ImageScope software.



To view and image in Chrome, click on the image WHILE HOLDING DOWN the 'W' key on your keyboard. This will launch WebScope and open the image. Use case results in Chrome have been unpredictable and may not work at all.  Recommend avoiding Chrome for this application.

Standard Windows PC or Laptop (WINDOWS 10)



The new browser that replaces Internet Explorer in Windows 10 environments is called EDGE. To view and image in EDGE, click on the image WHILE HOLDING DOWN the 'W' key on your keyboard. This will launch WebScope and open the image. Use case results in EDGE have been thinly tested so you may encounter issues.

Microsoft Surface

See above

Untested but should work using browser and methods described above for PC and Laptop

Apple MacBook


ImageScope software will not work on MacBook but WebScope should work while using the browser.

Apple iPad

ePathViewer for iPad (Aperio)

Available in APP Store.  Choose Add Site located towards the bottom of the left most column.  Enter, tap the ‘+’ to the right of the URL you just entered and then provide a short name “UGA” and save the connection.  Then you can click on that connection name “UGA” and log in with your MyID and Password.

Apple iPhone

ePathViewer for iPhone (Aperio)

Not recommended.  Images will be too small for instructional benefit.

Android Tablet

None Available

None Available






  • If you click on a digital slide image and it starts or tries to start downloading a .sis file this means that either you have not installed ImageScope software on your device or that ImageScope is not listed as the default software to open this file type.
  • When you are using the browser based ‘digital microscope’, it will show up as ‘Aperio’ ‘Spectrum WebScope’ and launch a new tab for each image you open. 
  • Multiple Tabs and Performance - Keep in mind that depending on your browser settings WebScope will generate a new Tab with each image opened and as these Tabs grow in number more and more of the memory resources on your computer will be consumed.  It is a good idea to not have too many of these open at one time for system performance reasons but the user experience will vary by device and its capacity.
  • The performance you experience with pixelation and screen refresh while navigating images will vary depending upon:
    • performance characteristics of the device you are using (memory/processor),
    • whether you are using a wired connection or a wireless connection,
    • the speed of the wired or wireless connection (on campus/off campus),
    • how you navigate (panning large distances across an image rather than picking a spot on the smaller image map and jumping to that specific area by clicking {the latter improves performance}).



ImageScope Client Software PC ONLY (download link -->  ImageScope)

ImageScope Quick Reference Guide - MAN-0065_ImageScope_Quick_Reference.pdf


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