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Here are a few things to keep in mind while working in the Reading Room!  

If you are unable to come in for your scheduled shift, please contact each other to arrange coverage. The contact list will be sent to everyone separately. 

Loan period for books in the Reading Room

Restricted Reserves: Two hour loan period, but the book cannot leave the Reading Room.

Note: If there are sections of the text that need to be reviewed for a longer period of time, the Scannx scanner is available for scanning and/or printing. More information can be found in the Scannx section of this webpage. 

Reading Room: Seven day loan period, older editions of various texts

When books are returned, please do NOT reshelve until they are discharged in the Voyager system.

Returning books to Main and Science Libraries: Sometimes patrons (mostly faculty) will want to return books to the Main and Science libraries. They can drop them off with us, but do NOT discharge them in Voyager. Connie will return them to the respective libraries through campus mail.


Viewing the CVM Reading Room Calendar for work schedule

If you use the Microsoft Outlook program or the UGAMail webpage to check e-mail, you can add the CVM Reading Room Staff calendar in addition to your calendar. Please check the calendar often, as the work schedule can change at any time! 

Adding in Microsoft Outlook 2013 or 2016 program:

  1. Go to the Calendar tab located on the bottom left of the Outlook window
  2. Go to Open Calendar:
  3. Select 'From Address Book.'
  4. A dialog box will pop up, type in CVM Reading Room Staff, click Go.
  5. The selection will appear, press the Calendar button to add, then click OK. 

Adding in UGAMail on the web:

  1. Login into UGAMail using your UGA e-mail address and password.
  2. Click on the grid icon located on the uppermost left corner (to the left of the Office 365 button).
  3. You will see a dropdown menu, select the Calendar option.
  4. A column will appear on the left side and your calendar will appear to its right by default. 
  5. Right click on 'Your Calendars,' then select 'Open Calendar.
  6. Type in CVM Reading Room Staff. It may not show up right away. If it does not, select the 'Search directory' option when it pops up. When it appears, select it and press the Open button.
  7. The calendar will be added to the 'Your Calendars' section.

Punching in/out for shifts and timecard approval

Paychecks are issued every two weeks. The pay period begins on Thursdays, and ends on Wednesday two weeks later. The maximum amount of hours you can work is 20 hours per week. If you are at the Kronos homepage, please use the alternate (non-Java) version. Login with your MYID/password and approve your timecard before the end of the pay period. If your scheduled shift is before the deadline, but you are not scheduled to work again until after the timecard deadline, please go ahead and approve it. Please punch in/out and approve your timecard using an on-campus computer, do not clock in/out or approve from an offsite location. This includes cell phones. 

Kronos is upgraded to version 8.0 as of 5/8/2016. Everything is still there, but the navigation is a little different. Here are some guides on how to enter time punches and approve timecards. 

Reading Room Activity Report

Use the form weblink to do a headcount in the Reading Room and VetLab during operating hours. This is done hourly.

Binding comb machine

This is located in the Reading Room and to your right as you walk in. Paper cardstock of assorted colors and binding combs of different sizes are available to use, and at no charge. Instructions on how to use the machine can be found here: How do I use the binding comb machine?

Scannx machine (Touchscreen display unit and flatbed scanner)

This is also located in the Reading Room and to your right as you walk in, underneath the clock and just past the binding comb machine. The Scannx unit is able to scan in color, grayscale, and black and white and in PDF or Microsoft Word formats. Storage options include:

  • e-mail
  • USB flash drive
  • Dropbox
  • smartphone/tablet
  • black/white or color printing from the WEPA kiosk located outside of the Reading Room 

The maximum capacity that can be sent is 50 pages and 25 MB. If you see an error message on the touchscreen unit indicating the scanner is not on, press the power button on the scanner unit to turn it on.

WEPA printing kiosk (prints in black and white & color)

The kiosk is located outside the Reading Room. Instructions on how to print and pay are located here: WEPA kiosk printing instructions

Please contact WEPA at 1-800-675-7639 with any printing or payment issues.