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This page outlines the procedure of processing ILL (Interlibrary Loan) requests. The request will go through the Main Library first, and filtered down to the Reading Room. Michael Law ( is the contact person at the Libraries for all incoming ILL requests.

Most of the time, books from the Reading Room (seven day loan period) will be requested. Books in the two hour Reserves area are not loaned out. However, scanning a section (50 pages maximum) from an two hour Reserves book is allowed. Journal article requests are scanned using the Scannx scanner and e-mailed directly to Michael. All ILL requests are time-sensitive so if the book or journal cannot be located, please let Michael know so he can pass the request to the next lending institution.

Processing ILL book requests


  1. Login to Voyager with your username and password. It is NOT your MYID.
  2. Click on the Patron button.
    1. Select Institution ID, type in ILL, press Find button.
    2. Select the second option (VMRR).
  3. Click the Charge button.
    1. Type or scan the barcode from the inside back cover of the book, it will begin with 32108.
    2. Click the Override button (this may not show up with all books).
    3. Enter the due date. The loan period is one month from today's date. If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, enter next business day date. Press OK.
  4. The book is now checked out. You can print out the paperwork (See below image for reference. Click on the circled item to bring up the item list, press Print) and file in the ILL Loan tab in the small black bin located next to the label printer.
  5. You will need to call the Main Library's mailroom (2-0607) to request a pickup. If you call in the morning before 9 am, the courier will stop by the Help Desk before noon. If you call after 9 am, they will pickup the next day.
  6. The book will be returned via the library courier. Press the Discharge button in the Voyager to check the book in, and reshelve. You can discard the paperwork in the black bin at this time.

Processing ILL journal article requests

  1. The Voyager module is not needed to process journal article requests. Once the request is received from Michael Law, pull the journal volume from the stacks. Locate the page numbers, scan the pages as needed, and e-mail the article to Michael Law ( Reshelve the journal volume.